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Until recently society was broken into four estates. The first two estates were the clergy and the rulers. The third estate refers to the general masses or the common folk. The “Fourth Estate” arose after the French Revolution when William Hazlitt coined the term to refer to journalists, who were tasked with reporting on the rulers and clergy in an attempt to make them responsible for their actions and keep them in check. This has failed. In the last few years the Fifth Estate has emerged with resounding power as millions took to the web in an attempt to cover undisclosed events. The revelation of knowledge, whether it is ancient, lost, hidden, or covered up by government or clergy makes for a stronger republic. This job has fallen to the Fifth Estate: those people who, through mass media, E-books, Twitter, Facebook, and publishing, have taking upon themselves the task and responsibility which the Fourth Estate has so greatly failed. From the Arab Spring to the disclosure of government coverups, from the sexual abuse of young boys by clergy to the child-brides of the FLDS church, the people of the internet age, have made their influence known by uncovering and transmitting world-changing events. We are Fifth Estate Publishing. We are serving you the truth.