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The King, The Church, & The Cards

by Anne Burton

in Religion & Theology

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When the Tarot cards first came into being the church embraced the moral teaching shown within the pictures of the cards. The cards were used to guide and teach. Soon, people began to misuse the cards by gambling and gaming. This is when the king and church rejected the Tarot.

The author takes us back to the days before the church’s rejection of the Tarot. She connects the scriptures with the cards once again to re-establish the old connection between God and man offered in the cards. This book gives the meaning of each card but then goes on to add extra insight by showing the wisdom of the scriptures as taught through the Tarot. This book shows how to lay out the cards, the meaning of each position, the meaning of the cards in those positions, and the scriptures likely attached to the cards. This is an unusual and meaningful book.

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