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A History of Man’s Quest For Immortality*

by Mark McGee

in Religion & Theology

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We begin this book with the ending and will end it with the beginning. Immortality – the dream. Mortality – the reality. People were born to live, not die. Death is unnatural. It stings. It grieves us to see someone die. It frightens us that we too will die someday. Human beings want to live – not die. They want their lives and the lives of people they care about to continue forever. Anything less than continual, unbroken life brings grief, mourning, and deep pain. The desire to live forever is the desire to be “immortal.” That drive to live forever exists powerfully in every cell of our body. We are programmed for life. So, what happened? If we are born to live, why do we die? That is the premier question of every family, every society, every civilization. Why do we die? How can we live without dying? How can mortality put on immortality? How do we cheat death and live forever?

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