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The Life & Times of Jesus: From Child to God

by Joseph Lumpkin

in Religion & Theology

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Using texts from ancient and controversial discoveries, the missing years of Jesus are uncovered, revealing a young man’s struggle between childhood and godhood. Jesus the child, the boy, the man, and the Messiah are all seen in documents spanning from the time of his birth to his crucifixion. Now, the missing years in the life of Jesus are told through the pages of these hotly contested books and letters. Sources used in this investigation include: The Infancy Gospel of the Savior, The Book of James or Protevangelium, The Infancy Gospel of Thomas, The History of Joseph the Carpenter, Letters Between Pilate and Seneca, Letters Between Pilate and Herod, Letters between Pilate and Tiberius Caesar, The Life of Saint Issa (Jesus), and The Book Of Luke.

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