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Coup D’Twelve

by Dr. David Martin

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Race across the globe with Dr. Cyrus Alexander as he roars to life in David Martin’s inaugural novel. From the windswept steppes of Mongolia to the sweltering desert of Dubai to the rooftop bars of Manhattan, this epic thriller weaves the global political events of the past twelve years into a tapestry so close to believable that it will leave you wondering where the line between fantasy and reality is drawn. The truth is, it is true.

Inside of every good conspiracy is an even better idea. Inside such an idea would be a Herculean opportunity. The perfect global coup d’état would combine the brilliance of every conspiracy to pull off, but it is possible, and it has happened. The audacity of stealing all of the G-7 assets right out from under the noses of the world’s self-proclaimed elite is so amazing it would not have to be hidden. No one would believe it.

A conspiracy to overthrow those powerful men alleged to be the puppet masters of the world goes beyond the imagination of most, but not all. – Leaving names like Rockefeller, Morgan, Kennedy, Rothschild, Oppenheimer, Blankfein, and Goldman scratching their heads would take genius, but it is not impossible. The plot leaves the rich and powerful wondering who in the hell had the audacity to actually use their hubris as the fulcrum to empty their collective pockets as well as their personal money machine of the Treasury of the United States. Best of all, and easiest of all is use the media – novelists like Dan Brown; networks like CNN, FOX, al-Jazeera; and BBC; and Hollywood films – to leak just enough of the truth to insure that the actual operation wouldn’t require secrecy. If you convince people that what was really happening was an illusion created by the media, the truth could unfold and no one would believe it. It is a world wide conspiracy hatched in the dark back rooms playing out in the bright light of day.

Praise for Coup d’Twelve

Compelling… ! Martin’s book is prophetic. The truth shall set you free? You honestly don’t want the truth! If you read only one book in your life, this is the one! – Frank X. Vitolo, Producer & Actor

If you liked The Matrix, Da Vinci Code, or the Bourne Identity then you are going to love Coup d’Twelve. The world is waking up and this book is like drinking Red Bull from a fire hose. We need to know that humans were meant to thrive. We need to know that there is a global agenda in place that seeks to maximize gain for the few at the expense of the many. We need to remember that the most powerful force in the universe is the power of human creativity. We also need to remember that we are at one of the most critical moments in human history and this book is part of the tipping point towards a new global renaissance of human thriving. – Paul Taylor

Turning Down the Devil’s Offer –
A Book Review of Dr. David E. Martin's novel,
Coup d’Twelve: The Enterprise that Bought the Presidency

Posted on the website “Community Currency” and written by Carol Brouillet.

Coup d’Twelve: The Enterprise that Bought the Presidency
By Dr. David E. Martin

In the classic novel, The Brother’s Karmazov by Dostoyevsky, Ivan describes a parable that he has written entitled “The Grand Inquisitor” that includes a description of Satan attempting to buy the soul of Christ by offering him worldly power. In “Coup d’Twelve: The Enterprise that Bought the Presidency” the hero, Dr. Cyrus Alexander, is invited to join a group of powerful people planning on expanding their own power and wealth by controlling and manipulating the White House prior to 9/11, and absolutely with the 2008 election. Dr. Alexander surprises them by turning down their offer, and lives to challenge their schemes. The novel includes murder, mayhem, sex, spies, high technology, the mysteries of the human heart, geopolitics, and an enigmatic description of shadowy characters and pivotal events that have had profound effects upon people’s lives and our current political situation.

How much of the story is true and how much of it is a fabrication to protect the innocent, as well as the guilty? I do not know, but Dr. Martin and the back cover claim “The truth is, it is true.”

Life is stranger and more unbelievable than the fictions depicted on television and films. Shakespeare was right when he wrote “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts…” Roles are chosen. Fate strikes. Disasters, miracles, surprises happen. At times we are mere spectators, observers, and at other times, our spirit or conscience or ego or love or fear drive us to play a part in the unfolding drama of world events.

In the novel, Dr. Alexander makes a moral decision to not participate in the major crimes, deceptions, for personal power and profit, even though his choice might endanger his own life. In real life, Dr. David E. Martin collects, analyzes, and shares important information about technological innovations that solve basic human problems, and those industries which have actively suppressed them. Perhaps on some level the realization that in an increasingly transparent world, it is impossible to keep secrets, Dr. Martin chose to side with morality, honesty and humanity rather than join forces with powerful forces actively plotting to deceive, murder and rob a great number of people.

Pamela Meyer, author of Liespotting, wrote her book because she felt the epidemic of deceptions was a threat to everyone, including our “democracy.” She said in a recent Ted talk that “Lying is a cooperative act. We’re against lying, but we are covertly for it.” We would kill each other, were it not for the white lies that are uttered to “protect others and ourselves.”

Deception is at the heart of major crimes, including war and murder. Trust in government, media, major institutions is at an all time low. A global movement has sprung up in outrage over the obvious criminality of the looting of entire nations by the very few. The time seems ripe for acknowledgment, admission, prosecution of the most blatant criminal acts witnessed by the majority of the world’s populations. Still, truth is elusive, taboo, a serious threat to “a system” that most people rely upon, in order to meet their basic needs and function in an increasingly complex world. Orwell wrote that “To tell the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Dr. David E. Martin chose to write a novel rather than lay out facts, names, a case against powerful people who have played roles in the major crimes of this century. How many people really want to know the truth, or are willing to stick their neck out to pursue it or rectify the world’s injustices? Witnesses to major crimes, particularly high level crimes, have a high mortality rate. Journalists who attempt to break major stories too often see their careers and reputations destroyed when they threaten powerful corporations or institutions. In Dostoyevsky’s parable, Christ turned down Satan’s offer, but “the Church” accepted it. The Grand Inquisitor imprisoned Christ and admonished him for being wrong about human nature, explaining that man is not strong enough to handle freedom. As a service to humanity, the Church and the Inquisitor, the strong few, have taken upon their shoulders the task of appeasing man’s conscience, so that “all mankind will live and die happily in ignorance.” Apocalypse literally means the lifting of the veil. Is our civilization ready to have the veils lifted? Or will the fabricated myths which grant legitimacy to the institutions which dominate modern life maintain the social glue?

For a decade I have publicly doubted and questioned the official narrative of 9/11 from a distance. I have been attacked and marginalized by the press as a “conspiracy theorist.” I have been shocked continually at the psychological resistance to “questioning the official 9/11 story” upon which the war on terror and the assault upon our civil liberties is based. I heard about Dr. David E. Martin and his novel from a dear friend, who met him by chance. I read the novel online last September and it was so outside of my own personal experience, that I knew I couldn’t fathom it without asking some hard questions and taking some risks to ferret out the full scope of the plot, and the identities of those most responsible for the planning and execution of it. The novel is laced with clues, breadcrumbs that serious investigators could follow, if it were possible in this world to obtain justice in a court of law. The purpose of the novel, however, seems to have been to throw enough light on events to thwart the increasingly audacious crimes being committed, and to offer information about new and emerging technologies to assist people in making wiser choices over where to put their time, energy, loyalties and effort. The story pushes the boundaries of conventional consensus reality and reveals that there are exceptionally creative, courageous, informed people in the world today making a difference. Dr. David E. Martin is one of them and his story and insights deserves our attention.

He regularly blogs at Inverted Alchemy – An Integral Economy.

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