The Threshing Floor Radio – The Second Axial Age

by Fifth Estate Publishing

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Dr. Joseph Lumpkin joins us for an encompassing discussion about the ongoing redefinition of religious thought and practices. “The Axial Age” is a period of time between approximately 800 BCE to 200 BCE when all major religions began. It is as if the human consciousness was awakened all over the world at the same time. More intriguing, we appear to have entered yet another age when religion is now fading.

“A person cannot approach the divine by reaching beyond the human. To become human, is what this individual person, has been created for.” -Martin Buber

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Beatriz Alma May 24, 2012 at 10:05 am

Cool ! This is good ! Occident is getting closer to orient , the daying religions , the upcomst from the woman , quantum fisics , this is revolutionary.
If it continues like that , cience will prove God and there wil be more love among humans .
But like you said feels like a repetition from what has been done before , anciant India was so far , in the Mahabarat they had vimanas , or spaceships and holy atomic wars and Godly powers , they misused them . Acording to Dr.Michio Kaku our civilization is rising .
A question to your vision , you said we have the privilege to be born from many souls that are waiting to be born in this planet , why we , among so many constelations or are there plenty like us ? Is it like schools that souls have to pass ? Thank you , was a magnifisent intervieuw , with cience ,filosofy , spirituality and psicology. We’ll buy the book “The sacret Femening.”
Beatriz Alma


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