Prophecy of Saint Malachy

by Joseph Lumpkin

in Non-fiction,Religion & Theology

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The events of 1978 saw the death of Pope Paul VI, the election and unexpected death of John Paul I, and finally the election of John Paul II. Three popes in one year propelled the world like a run away train toward the conclusion of a prophecy given by St. Malachy in 1139. The prophecy lists 112 popes with the last pope being a false pope who would take the seat of Saint Peter. The world will fall into anarchy. John Paul II was the 110th pope. The pope ruling the Holy See today is Benedict XVI, the 111th pope, and according to the prophecy, he is the last true pope to rule an intact church and functioning world. The next pope will not be the Vicar of Christ. He will be the enemy of the church, usurper of the throne and he will be called “Peter of Rome.”

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