Friend of God:The Passion of Judas Iscariot

by Fifth Estate Publishing

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J. Allan Danelek

On a small rise near where the three seditionists were crucified, a lone figure sat huddled in the mud, using his cloak to shield himself from the driving rain. He watched the Romans as they pulled the dead men down from their crosses, knowing that one of the bodies was that of a man who would have been a king had not events gone so horribly awry. The sight tortured him, as did the knowledge that at one time he had been one of the man’s most trusted advisors. Once—perhaps a million years ago—he had even been his friend. Now, however, he was nobody. Just a name. Judas Iscariot. Read the story of the passion of Christ as told from Judas’ perspective and learn not only what “really” happened during that Passover week two thousand years ago, but discover what drove the man to betray his master and, eventually, take his own life. A compelling story of intrigue and suspense that will forever change the way you look at the man who “betrayed” the Savior!

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