Heresy of a Curious Mind

by Joseph Lumpkin

in Bestsellers,Religion & Theology

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The extremes to which the church and its leaders have gone in order to protect and justify various decisions regarding points of faith is fascinating, but tends to obscure the truth. Revisionist history, coercion, greed, lust, and propaganda were the order of the day when the major items of doctrine were being decided. In fact, many of those truths that we hold so dear in our Christian faith were decided, if not invented, through or because of political and financial aims, and not by theological insight. Many doctrines went well beyond what the early church held as truth. Come with us as we look behind the curtain of church history and view information through a political and scientific lens. We will carefully examine historical documents to reveal the intention of the leaders. We will consider the history and virtue of the major Christian doctrines, as well as where those beliefs have brought us in our churches and religious life today. In the end, we must ask, “Where is God amidst all of these rules, politics, sex, and doctrines?” First, we will discover how our faith was manipulated and changed by politics, sex, and power. Then we will discover where we left God and how we may once again find the source of life and happiness. Items discussed include: Theology, Framework Of Christianity, The Bible, The Canon of the Bible, Inerrant Scripture, The Trinity, Virgin Birth, Polygamy, Celibacy, Transubstantiation, Rapture, Apocalypse and the End of Days, Sabbath verses Sunday, Tithes and Offerings, Prayer and Faith, Magical Thinking, Original Sin, Mary: Immaculate Conception, Baptism, Predestination and Foreknowledge, The Mark of Cain, Job and the Petty God, The Schizophrenic God of the Old and New Testaments, The Development of Satan, The Axial Age, The Pinnacle of the Axial Age, Religion Addiction, Conclusion of Religion and the Beginning of Spirituality.

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