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Followers of the Way

by Joseph Lumpkin

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The first fifty years of the faith were tumultuous and politically charged, not because of Roman influence, but due to disagreements within the new Jesus sect. Fundamental doctrines were forming within the fires of personal conflict among the first elders. Did Jesus set out to start a new religion or simply correct the spiritual course of Judaism? What were his intentions? What did he wish to accomplish? After his death who should best direct the new sect? Was James, the brother of Jesus, correct in wishing to keep the new sect Jewish, or was Paul sent by God to guide the new movement? James and the other elders lived with Jesus for three years. Did they understand his mission and message or did Paul, who never met Jesus in the flesh, interpret his intentions more accurately? Did Paul champion the cause, or did Paul hijack the sect and usurp authority from the pillars of the faith? By examining the earliest and most ancient texts of the faith, the original and unaltered words and intentions of Jesus may be seen in a brighter light. With fresh insight we may better understand the evolution and journey of a new movement from a small Jewish sect to a world religion.

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