Autism: Our Journey and Finding Happiness

by Fifth Estate Publishing

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There are thousands of books on Autism. Some books advocate new methods of teaching styles. Some talk about alternative medications that have worked miracles. This book does not make such claims. What this book conveys is that every family who has a child with autism has to figure out a coping system that works for their child with autism and for themselves. This is our journey to that place of facilitation and happiness.
There are many variables that effect the real life situations of living with autism. Assimilating the research based teaching methods and styles with a great deal of love, compassion, patience, and consistency has paid off for us, and it will also work for you. The fact that our child is processing information, using cognitive and metacognitive processes in his life’s situation, trying to problem solve and use schema or prior knowledge for his own benefit and survival goes beyond the scope of the usual fundamental theories presented today. We have found that properly amalgamating various theories with common sense applications has worked for our child and us. This book is our way of tackling autism, so it is a one of a kind story. You will see the processes described in this book will yield an individual result, which will also work for you, producing your own “one of a kind story.”
Every family who faces the challenge of taking care of a child with autism goes through emotional trauma. This book is not about that pain but how we have overcome that pain and we have come out stronger. We want the autistic child to develop into a happy person, who is able to function well in his or her surroundings. Beyond simply functioning, we want to discover the child’s natural talents and skills, and possibly develop a vocation.
After reading this book, I hope those who come in contact with children with autism or any special needs children may see that everyone has value and potential. This book will guide parents, siblings, and teachers in various ways to assist the autistic child in reaching his or her full potential. In the journey we will find respect and acceptance for the uniqueness within each of us.