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Mystics: A Thousand Paths To A Single Door

by Fifth Estate Publishing

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Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Secular mystics all search for a deeper and personal connection with life and spirit. In this book we will look at all major paths of mysticism and see what marvelous truth and beauty is held within the heart of the mystic. This amazing journey may have a thousand paths, but all will end at the door of the infinite. The mystical experience is an encounter with the deepest truth and ultimate reality in which there is a sense of sacredness so rich and beautiful it cannot be adequately described. The mystical experience is enlightenment, awareness, wakefulness, love, peace, and a million things more. It is nothing at all. It is the all. The experience may last but a moment but it can change your life. It is available to all people in every moment of life. No matter what path the mystic may walk, all will enter the same gate and end in the arms of love and peace. Let us take this journey together and see what the divine spirit has in store for us.

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