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Radical Islam: Understand, Prepare, Defend

by Joseph Lumpkin

in Non-fiction,Religion & Theology

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Islam cannot be treated simply as a religion. Islam is a political movement seeking to bring about a worldwide theocracy with Muslims ruling through Sharia Law. Islam is a socio-political system founded on a religion. Its laws are a set of irrevocable and unchanging religious commands written in the 7th century in a book called the Quran (Koran) by the prophet and warlord, Mohammed. Today, Islamic terrorists are killing innocent people and destabilizing governments around the world, but what do we really know about their religion, their beliefs, and their ultimate goals? We will answer the following questions and more: Where and how did Islam originate? What does the Quran actually say and mean? What do Muslims believe? What makes this religion so dangerous? Why do Muslims insist on using Sharia Law instead of the laws of any nation? Why do some claim Islam is a religion of peace even as it spawns terrorism? How and why did Islam splinter into so many violent groups? What are the Taliban, al-Qaeda and ISIS? Where did they come from and what do they want? Are terrorists and radical Muslims actually following the Quran? Do these Muslims really want a global war? Does the Quran actually support war, terrorism, slavery, polygamy, marriage to children, animal sacrifice, stoning, beating, amputation and decapitation? Why are many Muslim believers so eager to kill and die for Islam? Why are European countries sinking into lawless lands of rape, murder, and chaos under the actions of Islamic immigrants? What can be done to stop terrorism here and now? How can we defend our nation and our families against radical Islam? We will use direct quotes from major clerics and the Quran to reveal the truth about Islam. We will look into the plans of radical clerics to take over Europe and then the U.S. We will examine the history, beliefs, laws, aims, and goals of Islam. We will use the words of journalists and reporters to delve into recent events. We will uncover terrorist groups actually working with the U.S. government. We will read the words of noted security experts to gain insight into defense. We will understand radical Islam and be prepared to defend against the coming violence.