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The Quran (Koran) for Infidels: Including Introduction, History, Commentary and Three Complete English Translations

by Joseph Lumpkin

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The history of the Prophet Mohammed, the development of Islam, implementation of Shariah Law, and views of Qur’anic interpretations are all presented along with three separate classical translations of the Holy Qu’ran. Put simply, The Qu’ran is viewed as an unfolding revelation. Thus, the last statement in the Qu’ran regarding a subject supersedes any statement that came before it. This is called ABROGATION. Thus, we list verses in chronological order and examine the list for the last verses written on a subject to see what instructions are to be followed by Islam today. What is revealed answers the great questions facing modern Western civilization. What is Islam? What does the Qu’ran really say? How has Islam become so violent and why is Islamic terrorism flooding the world today?
One of the last chapters uttered by Mohammed was sura 9. It has a lot to say about how he wanted non-Muslims treated from that point on.

9:5 Slay the idolaters wherever you find them.

9:6 Those who submit and convert to Islam will be treated well. (Those who don’t submit will be killed. See previous verse.)

9:7-9 Don’t make treaties with non-Muslims. They are all evildoers and should not be trusted.

9:11 Treat converts to Islam well, but kill those who refuse to convert (see 9:5).

9:12-14 Fight the disbelievers! Allah is on your side; he will give you victory.

9:23 Don’t make friends with your disbelieving family members. Those who do so are wrong-doers.

9:29 Fight against Christians and Jews “until they pay the tribute readily, being brought low.”

9:33 The “Religion of Truth” (Islam) must prevail, by force if necessary, over all other religions.

9:41 Fight for Allah with your wealth and whatever weapons are available to you.

9:42 Those who refuse to fight for Allah (claiming they are unable) are liars who have destroyed their souls.

9:73 Fight the disbelievers and hypocrites. Be harsh with them. They are all going to hell anyway.

9:81-83 Those who refuse to give their wealth and lives to Allah will face the fire of hell.

9:85 Those who refuse to fight for Allah will be treated (along with their children) as unbelievers.

9:111 Believers must fight for Allah. They must kill and be killed. Allah will reward them for it.

9:123 Fight disbelievers who are near you, and let them see the harshness in you.

This is Allah’s “last word” on tolerance and peace toward non-Muslims. If nothing else up to this point had abrogated the tolerant verses, the above verses completely wipe out every last positive verse in the Quran for non-Muslims.