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A History of God: Elohim, Yahweh, and Allah

by Joseph Lumpkin

in Non-fiction,Religion & Theology

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In this book we will look at the history and “evolution” of the three deities making up the bulk of the world’s religions, and the evolution of the religions formed from the worship of these three deities. We will examine the history and development of Elohim, Yahweh, and Allah. In doing so, we will also look at the teachings of Jesus and Mohammed, and their influence on the Christian and Islamic faiths respectively. By an objective examination of the Gods of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths we shall see how man’s views of these deities changed over time, and with those changes we will examine how the faiths evolved. No concept of God or religion exists in a vacuum. Ideas and beliefs build on previous ideas and beliefs, combining to form new insights and forms of worship. Customs change when exposed to other cultures. So it is that religions and their gods grow and evolve as one religion or culture meets another. What and who God is has changed and morphed in time with these expanding views. What we see as God’s focus and strength change according to what a tribe or nation needs at the time. To begin our study we must go back to a time before there were Jews, Christians, or Muslims. In the primitive mind of man, there was God. Whether God was conceived or recognized is a matter for discussion.