Cynthia Smith

Cynthia Anne Miller Smith has been enthusiastic about the search for extraterrestrial intelligent beings since she read Carl Sagan’s Cosmos as a young child. As a Christian who has been enthusiastic about the search extraterrestrial intelligent beings since she was very young, she found many stories about first contact but few stories explicitly dealing with the reaction of Christians to the discovery of intelligent inhabitants of other worlds.

Shadows of Things to Come by Cynthia Smith

After years of studying Religion and Philosophy, she decided to publish a book on the subject, concentrating on how Christians in particular will probably react to the discovery that human beings on Earth are not the only apple of God’s eye.

Her goal is to show that the relationship between science and Christianity demands a fruitful, if fiery, dialogue among scientists and theologians which is likely to continue for another millennium and that the subject of extraterrestrials and Christianity is not a topic into which a bowl of knowledge will be filled but rather is one in which the fire of the mind will be kindled. Thus, ecumenical dialogue is possible not just among religions, but also between religion and science. Let the explorations of both space and the mind begin.

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