Dr. Chris Dewey

Dr. Chris Dewey

Source: Mississippi State University

Dr. Chris Dewey started Judo in 1968 and holds the rank of sixth degree black belt in both Judo and Ju Jitsu, as well the rank of third degree black belt in Hapkido and Taekwondo. He is Chair of the United States Judo Association Coaching Education Committee and serves as a member of the USJA Ju Jitsu Rank Promotion Board as well as numerous other committees. Chris was awarded the USJA Coach of the Year in 1968. He holds a National Referee license from USA Judo. Chris is a national champion in both kata and master’s shiai and has been competing for more than thirty years. Chris has been teaching martial arts for more than twenty years in community, elementary, high school and university settings and is the owner and chief instructor of the Starkville Martial Arts Academy. Chris is therefore highly qualified to view Judo from the perspective of a veteran and active competitor, as well as being a coach, a referee and a martial arts business owner.

Although born and educated in England, Chris obtained his doctorate in Geology in Canada. He moved to Mississippi in 1984 and has held a faculty position at Mississippi State University for the last twenty years. Chris is a tenured associate professor of Geosciences and also holds an adjunct position in the Department of Health Physical Education and Recreation.

In other activities, Chris is also a Certified Toastmaster, a Level III Reiki Master, and a closet poet. During his spare time Chris treasures his wife, Janet and son, Graham.

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