Ed Byers

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Ed Byers has written extensively on martial arts and personal self-defense issues in publications as diverse as The Charlotte Observer, the U.S. Customs Service Special Agent’s On-Point magazine, the National Association of Federal Agents (served as National Vice President) The Agent, the United States Judo Association’s (USJA) magazine The Coach, and numerous newsletters for state and local law enforcement agencies.

In March of 2010, Fifth Estate published Ed’s book titled Confessions of a Non-Conformist, a collection of philosophical essays involving the martial arts, family, the environment, and community.

Ed’s extensive martial arts credentials include:

  • Sixth Degree Black Belt in Akayama Ryu Ju-Jutsu
  • Fourth Degree Black Belt in Judo from the United States Judo Association
  • Third Degree Black Belt in Ju-Jitsu with the United States Judo Association
  • Soke (founder) of NanaFukuro Ryu Ju-Jutsu
  • One of very few American Yawara (short hand staff) instructors
  • Founder, Developer, and Chief Instructor for the StreetSafe Programs
  • Founder and Main Instructor for The LadySafe Society
  • Lead Dojo Instructor and Program Manager for Ju-Jutsu at Seven Owl Dojo (Metro Charlotte, NC)

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