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“I appreciate so much the opportunities Joseph Lumpkin and Fifth Estate Publishing have given me as an author. It is a joy to be part of an exciting group of writers who love what they’re doing. Our first book together, The Chinese Five-Word Song, brought to the public one of the oldest T’ai Chi documents in existence (early Sung Dynasty) with superb commentary by the late Grand Master John Chung Li, who brought Hwa Yu T’ai Chi Ch’uan from China to the United States and Europe. Our second book, A History of Man’s Quest for Immortality, details the many ways the human race has attempted to regain the immortality lost in the Garden of Eden. Our third book, GraceLife: Words of Hope and Encouragement in a Discouraging World, looks at 40 phenomenal words in the Bible that bring hope and joy to the heart of God’s people as they consider His wondrous Love and Grace.” ~Mark A. McGee

Mark A. McGee loves to write. He spent more than 40 years as a professional journalist writing for radio, television, newspapers, and magazines, and brings his experiences as reporter, correspondent, anchor, producer and managing editor to his writing for Fifth Estate Publishing. In 1995, Mark went online and began sharing his thoughts about God’s Grace. He became a disciple of Jesus Christ after years of denying His existence. Mark was an atheist and proclaimed the gospel of atheism on his daily talk radio show in Tampa in the late 1960s and early 70s. Jesus saved Mark on May 10, 1971, and revolutionized his life. Mark went to Bible college to study for the ministry and has been teaching God’s Word for more than 35 years – an interesting turn of events for someone who once mocked the Bible as make-believe.

Mark continued to work in radio and television until he retired in 2009. He is now the Director of Communications for Living Fuel, Inc., a Christian-based nutrition company in the Tampa Bay area.

Mark’s other career is Martial Arts. He began his training in 1961 and has been teaching self-defense since 1964. Mark is a senior instructor in multiple martial arts systems and holds the rank of 6th Degree Black Belt in Yon Ch’uan Martial Arts. Soon after receiving Christ as Lord and Savior, Mark began teaching martial arts in a Christian environment and became involved with Judo and Karate For Christ in 1972. Mark is still involved with Karate for Christ International to this day and is also the founder of Grace Martial Arts and Grace Martial Arts Fellowship, an international fellowship dedicated to supporting Christian martial artists in their lives and ministries. Mark is a committed husband, father and grandfather, and loves Jesus deeply.

Fifth Estate has published three of Mark’s books since 2004: The Chinese Five-Word Song, A History of Man’s Quest for Immortality, and GraceLife: Words of Hope and Encouragement in a Discouraging World.

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