Rebecca Huntley

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Rebecca Huntley is a successful Christian businesswoman who has been employed at one of the top financial firms on Wall Street. She takes a parental role with a younger sister. Yet, her start in life would be unbelievable to most people who meet her.

Statistically, her chances of succeeding were slim to none. Suffering through more than five years of sexual abuse as a child, having a father who neglected her, having a verbally and emotionally abusive mother and stepmother, and growing up around financial turmoil were the daily concerns of her childhood. One would think she would end up being a product of her environment. But because of the love of Christ and His presence in her life, even through the darkest years, she persevered.

She wishes for everyone to know that if there is another soul experiencing similar torture, know that you aren’t alone. There is a light at the end of the seemingly endless tunnel you may be in. You too can make it through with God’s hand on you. That doesn’t mean it’s easy.

In the process of writing her book, Rebecca stated, “I knew that when I started this book, I wouldn’t be able to stop and I’d have to relive many painful memories that people have advised me to put away. The memories are still here inside me, living with me, because my story needs to be told.”

You are not alone.

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