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Robert Ferrell was born in Dallas, Texas in 1970. Raised as an atheist, he could never have conceived of having become a Christian. But at the age of 20, after a long series of coincidences that seriously challenged his ideas about chance and the nature of the universe, he began to open up to the possibility of there being a God. Then, in 1990, a Baptist Minister finally led him to Jesus Christ. He then began to study the Bible studiously, when he began to become aware of the fact that the writers of both the Old and New Testaments kept continually alluding to and sometimes quoting works that lied outside the Canonical Scriptures. After studying and reading as many of these books as he could find, he discovered that there was a common parabolic language that existed between the two that anyone could learn.

As a longtime reader of ancient Christian and Jewish apocryphal literature, he has sought to unravel the hidden mysteries of ancient Christianity by reading the apocryphal literature with the same kind of faith as he does the canonical. His findings have led him to a rather startling conclusion: that the central mystery of Christianity was lost very early on in the Church Age to be preserved for a later generation who would rediscover it. He currently lives in Texas with his wife and two children. He enjoys traveling, reading, studying, and writing about the mysteries contained in both Biblical and extra-Biblical literature.

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