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In the 1700’s  there arose a view that society was divided into three estates or parts. The King and Clergy ruled, the Nobles supported the clergy and king, and the people worked to produce food and resources on the lands owned by the Nobility. This idea was later refined to include four estates of the king, clergy, the people, and the press. It was the responsibility of the press the report on the king and clergy in order to make them accountable to the people for their actions. In our time, the press has failed their mission. Media and the press have been coopted by the ruling class. Owing to this, the Fifth Estate was born. We are the people who have taken to mass media, video, and print, in order to make known the truths the press will not publish and the politicians wish to keep hidden. Whether it is the power of long lost or hidden texts or the secrets of modern scandals, the Fifth Estate is the only hope of keeping the truth alive. We are the now the only avenue for truth to survive. We are the  Fifth Estate.

My Work

Joseph Lumpkin is the CEO of Fifth Estate Publishing. He is the author of the best-selling book, The Books of Enoch. Joseph Lumpkin has a long and varied background in research and writing. He worked in research and development within the U.S. Department of Defense for many years. Major projects included Hypersonic Missile Technology and Computer Clustering for Super Computers. In addition to his background in science, computers, and research, Joseph has a Doctorate of Ministry and has acted as chaplain to several outreach programs. He has written for various newspapers and has authored over two dozen books on subjects of theology, religion, history of Christianity, and philosophy. Dr. Lumpkin has appeared on Radio, Television, and Internet shows as a guest speaker on subjects of Fallen Angels, Church History, Religion, Theology, The Sacred Feminine, and the Axial Age. Shows include L.A. Talk Radio, Rainmaking Time, Cryptic Knowledge, and Threshing Floor Radio. Access shows via http://www.apocryphalbooks.com

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For more information, as well as access to dozens of audio ad video files, please visit http://www.apocryphalbooks.org/about.html


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